More about enoughness

100_1469When tracking your expenses and trying to determine the value of the money spent and the time that took to earn the money, it can be very confusing.  How to you measure the value of a college admissions application versus a tank full of gas?  (approximately the same dollars left my pocket).  Both seemed like necessities at the time and probably were.  My evolving thinking is it is not about a comparison value it’s not even about measuring your life energy, it’s about enoughness.  What we Americans have is an abundance of EVERYTHING. This abundance leads us to believe we don’t have enough, that we need the newest app, phone, computer, clothing, choices of laundry detergent and shampoo and coats for every season.  All this abundances leads us to part with the money we worked hard to get.  And it’s not enough to ask the question “Do I need this?”  a common shopping intervention question.  The process should be more practice and habit.  There are things I have given up that before I gave them up I thought would be impossible, from my Diet Coke addiction, to the morning latte.  And yet when I give them up, I don’t really miss them.

Each person’s comfort level will be different when they give something up.  Because we live in the land of plenty we should definitely consider our comfort level.  but you may be surprised that many things that are given up have no impact on your comfort level but can have a huge impact on your budget or the planet.

Consider what in your life you could give up easily that would make a difference to your budget or the planet.  Start there and see how it goes.



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