The real problem?

March 30th 2014

The eat local movement is something I try to practice in our local community, and it’s a great idea that I endorse.  There are mutliple goals; to create a local sustainable food source; to improve farm worker health; to reduce the carbon foot print by reducing the food miles from farm to consumer; encourage local support of local farmers.  But what about the real problem?  Would we care that our oranges came from Florida if they arrived in a non-carbon way?  If the workers were paid fair wages?  I guess that is the point of fair-trade food.  Imagine a world where all food was moved by electric vehicles powered by the sun.  Think of the diversity and variety of food that we could enjoy, if just the mode of transportation was improved.  I’ll continue to eat local, but dream of a day when I don’t have to think about the environmental and ethics of the food I eat, because we all know that is was fairly and sustainably produced.  We can all dream can’t we?


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