How long do you want to live?

I’m trying to build a rhythm to my day, trying to imagine how it will be without steady job to go to every day. I’m thinking a morning cup of tea, walk to the river to practice my meditation and then home to write for a few minutes. I think I have a lot to say, and putting in a practice of writing will help hone my skills. And I think in everything going forward it should be considered practice. Practice to meditate, practice to be a better cook, practice an instrument, practice a being a good friend, practice at organizing things.

In the book radical remission, the book asks how hold do you want to be? In other words, how long to you want to live? That question is different then “are you afraid of dying?”, it cause you to think about what you want to do with your remaining years and how you want to fill them. I want to live to be 104. Why 104? I have been on this earth 54 years, in those years, I grew up which took 20 years, raised a family which took 20 years, served in the military 7 years, went to college 2 years, and worked at ch2m hill for 5 years before getting married and starting a family. Now imagine you have another 50 years, only this time 20 years are not needed for growing up, and 20 years are not need for raising a family. And you have all the time in the world because of a steady source of income, what would you do with the same productive years?

To start, I need to ensure that I am healthy, and I have clearly not taken care of my body well for the last 12 years. To get a full productive 50 more years, health has to be first. I’m not in bad health, but I’m not in fantastic health, which is what you need to be productive. Two areas I would like to focus on in my next 50 years, are music, I will obviously have time to master more than one instrument, and something that makes an impact on the environment around me.

How long do you want to live and what do you want to do with it?


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