Advocating for a vegan diet

It’s not enough to say your vegan for ethical reason and the treatment of animals. And although those are good reasons, it misses the point. Daily and large consumption of animal products is bad for your health. But how do you communicate that message in a positive way that people will understand. And if people did understand would they be mad at the mis-information they have been fed (pun intended) all these years? Mad, like I am, and say the game is rigged?  The game is rigged, but the message has to be acknowledging that this is currently a cultural norm, just like how smoking once was a cultural norm and that the cultural norm is no longer working for human health. If a doctor had said to me, your cholesterol is caused by daily and /or large consumptions of milk, dairy, cheese and butter, would I have listened? And the answer is probably, because just as diabetics believe sugar is the problem and hypertension believe that is a salt problem, both groups have been willing cut back on two symptoms of the consumption of animal products. But salt, sugar and fat cannot be delivered, in large quantities, when eating a vegan diet or really a Whole Food Plant Based (WFPB) diet.   And I don’t like the name vegan diet, because it doesn’t express what you are supposed to eat. Oreo’s are vegan for god’s sake, and an Oreo is neither a plant or animal, it is man made, not whole food, not plant based, but still sold as food.

Here is what I don’t get. Why, when I have ready many diet books, do I believe the China Study?  Every diet book loads the book with references to scientific studies, but the science laid out in China Study, is convincing to me. What about the subject of eating plants and not animal products rings of truth? And why, is what you eat still a subject of belief and not science?  I don’t know, but I am now convinced that no matter what your physical health is currently, consumption of animal products is dangerous to your health, anything you can do to reduce or eliminate them from your diet will improve your health, today, tomorrow and long into your very long future.

What do you believe and why?


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