The Adventure is over

I’m back from my big adventure, biking Route 66 from Vega, Texas to Chicago, Illinois. It was a grand adventure, and awesome. Two months of being out on the road, biking every day (well mostly every day), being outside, meeting new people, spending time with my folks, and drinking wine with my Mom every evening (yes, we do love our wine). The adventure was great, but it was really tough to come back and have reality hit you full force in the face. Well, for me it was the yard, totally out of control in the two months I was gone and the responsibilities of life come at you. For the last two weeks I spent a good amount of time on my house, trying to get it ready to be a low maintenance home for the future. My goal is to get it solid enough so that I can rent out a room and have one lucky roommate who will basically have a house to themselves when I’m out on the next great adventure.   But today, I tried to re-capture the spirit of adventure. I drove over to Bend to watch a good friend of mine who is participating in the MFA program at OSU-Cascades, perform in a Murder Mystery. I checked out a new brewery and restaurant for lunch, drove to the top of Pilot Butte and hiked down the trail for a while. It is a cloudy day, but I can imagine that the view from Pilot Butte in the summer is absolutely amazing. And you could even see Mount Hood, well the base of it as the top was in the clouds, like the rest of the Mountains. Adventure for me, can be as simple as going someplace I have never gone, or just changing my day up into something unexpected. How do find adventure in your life?

Adventure is it at your doorstep, and you don’t have to wait for the big adventure or to be Financially Independent to have a mini adventure.



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