Food worth eating

I love to take pictures of beautiful and yummy food.  This page, will feature some of the most yummy and beautiful food, either made by me or others.

Growler Cafe  I stumbled across this humble but fantastic eatery in Lebanon, OR last summer.  This is 20 miles from my home, but I still try to find an excuse to drive the 20 miles just to eat at this cafe.  They don’t microwave their food, they make some of their own breads and salad dressing.  The Growler cafe is where I started to learn to like beer.  They provide samples, but it’s more than samples, they are very knowledgable about the beers.  I usually tell them what I like and they provide an excellent beer every time.  They are not a brewpub but specialize in delivering specialized brews.  But I digress, from their excellent but amazing food.  They post a  picture everyday of their special of the day, and there isn’t a day that goes by, that I’m not salivating over the food.  I am vegan, so I can’t eat all the wonderful selections they offer, but I make exceptions in my vegan world for the exceptional sandwiches and a little bit of cheese.  There are so many good things to say about the Growler Cafe, but just make sure you check them out and order some of the amazing pretzels!